North Brooklyn Farms

It’s quite fascinating how social networking has evolved from a simple occasional fun thing to do, to an almost pure addiction in some cases.

And it’s also quite interesting how social networking has highlighted places that have been left out of travel books.

Well, I didn’t mean to start this life experience by spreading negative energies to my optimistic readers; let’s leave that to the haters. This New York experience I’m going to share has a lot of cool details you’ll find out about only if you stick with me for a few more thoughts.


All I care about in my articles is to express my positive thoughts and make you feel regenerated every single time you click on my links and read my work.


That being said…


North Brooklyn Farms



Instagram charmed me back in 2015; I didn’t even know how it worked at the time. So I started following random profiles, from celebrities, to friends, to places I thought were cool to keep an eye on.

It was the end of the summer when I first came across North Brooklyn Farms’ Instagram profile. I thought their incredible story, a dozen feet from the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, was something really unique. The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that they weren’t something you would find in a Rick Steves’ travel book.


North Brooklyn Farms’ story started years ago on an undeveloped/scrapyard piece of land along the East river. I remember that time-lapse video of a handful of people cleaning the whole area with their bare hands during their free time. I was so impressed how they took a forgotten area and made a miracle: they transformed it in the most beautiful community garden; I literally witnessed a miracle documented via social network…




When I finally had the chance to go visit New York City, a stop at North Brooklyn Farms was on top of my bucket list. I had the pleasure to meet Henry, one of the founders of the community garden, who was happily working away in the weeds on a sunny afternoon.  As Henry shared with me all about how it started, it made me appreciate their project even deeper. After talking to this incredible human being, I realized how it’s not only the place that makes a difference, it’s also the people and the atmosphere they create; and for that you need people like Henry that they never stop motivating you to write about their success stories. All I can say to this guy and his friends is CHAPPEAU!



In September 2018, almost 3 years after I started to follow North Brooklyn Farms on Instagram, many things have changed…

I should be able to summarize the updates they’ve gone through since 2015 in less than 85 words:

A group of developers bought the entire area and decided to build more apartment units, retail spaces, etc, etc, etc…

I know with strong certainty that NBF’s future may be a disappointment if the architectural plan will be followed 100% by the engineers, because based on the big vision poster on the construction fences around the area, the community garden is not included in it…


I know we live in a world where money is a big tool for molding the future but I really hope that people like Henry will continue to find the right ways to succeed and keep that place alive; either in the same location or elsewhere.


“On the road of life, it is not where you go, but who you’re with that makes the difference.”

Good luck good people!

Going away parties

Moving 180 miles or so south, from a small town in Northern Michigan to Detroit, gave me the chance to observe a popular phenomenon during my personal DetroiterMorphosis process.

 Before starting the smoothie process, pick the right ingredients!

One big thing that well characterizes this country – USA – is the immensity of the job opportunities you can have access to if – if the education program you went through allows it.

In a place where the biggest depressions started – in a place where they try to convince you that the financial crisis is long-gone, you can find yourself happily settled in a place until – until they make you “An offer you can’t refuse.”

Nowadays, bright people study ways to flip old habits into revolutionary web platforms: visionary people take those unimaginative and obsolete ways to reach the world and turn them into online community platforms – the results of mashing-up old and brand new systems helps Human Resources Departments all over the world have access to a bigger number of professionals.

Today the right resource you’re looking for might be living on the other side of the planet or just three desks away from you. Businesses don’t have to accept a mediocre resource to fill a position anymore; businesses can choose the best from the best, thanks to special IT codes written to help them find key human assets and add them to their teams.


 “For every single positive change in the world, it automatically creates a negative one.” – Or that’s what I perceive sometimes when I dig in deeply to study those changes…

 Now prepare the smoothie!

 The winner of this game is sadly the part that should interest us less: “The offer you can’t refuse.” (Did you hear the echo?) It doesn’t matter how well established you can be in a place and how happy you could be with your job but – but out there might be a better company with better benefits, higher pay or situated in a nicer place to live (maybe overlooking a lake or the Ocean). If the global economy is somehow on a positive equilibrium pushing the GDP’s graphics of success up high, it is because they have a better access to brighter professionals – professionals that most of the time have to renounce and abandon…

 Enjoy your smoothie!

The loser of the game is that guy or gal who has to renounce or abandon. Out of the blue, once accepting the new position that requires leaving town, they will have to share the news with family and friends. All of a sudden they decided to leave (family and friends should come first).

Call them greedy or selfish but you will only understand the moment somebody will give you that famous “offer”.

Human kind has a huge gene: Become great, famous, and happy without being worried about tomorrow. All these personal goals are hard to achieve without resorting to sacrifices:

Your best running bud will have to call somebody else from now on – The yoga gal will feel awkward asking the older lady from the same Yin Yoga class, to have a couple of wine bottles together, because you left – It will take a long time till your Softball team will finally replace you with another great member…

Have some leftovers of that smoothie!

 Another big thing that I was exposed to during my DetroiterMorphosis was closely related to the moving factor: Going away parties

Going away parties are those parties where you do have fun but it also leaves you with a big amount of bitterness. Going away parties are the parties you put together for your friends or relatives with the hope your friendship will continue to be as strong…

Going away parties are the rupture point of a series of hundreds of memories with your best/good friends/relatives. After that you start looking for another best bud that you never wanted to replace – The same one that introduced you first to the amazing world of smoothies.

One day in the heart of General Motors

“Oh babe, you will love it!”

This was the phrase my wife used to convince me to spend a day in the heart of General Motors’ headquarters, “l’imponente” GMRENCEN – Since Italy is well known for majestic architectural masterpieces with thousands of years of history, I decided to use an Italian word to properly describe one of the top 10 Detroit Architectural Masterpieces’ The Renaissance Center.


To be honest it didn’t take too much to like it! Two things I noticed straight away once I put my foot in the building, was hope and safety.

I thought about the word hope because somebody, far from us, from behind a desk welcomed us with a simple and short “Good morning!” That simple GOOD MORNING can change somebody’s day. A simple word may be worth more than gold especially when you’re in a vulnerable moment of your life.

…And safety. Sadly Detroit is very sensitive when we talk about Safety. One big thing when you inform friends and family that you’re about to move to Detroit – they will tell you about the dangers of the Motor City. One thing that I will always say is: “The wiser you are, the safer you are.“ Once in the GMRENCEN, all my worries and concerns about public safety vanished. I spent my whole day without worries. I even left my computer bag on the coffee shop chair while in the restroom.


Once the day was over, I realized that the two things I noticed first thing in the morning were not just a temporary appearance; officers are in each corner of the building, dog squads, you name it; and people know how to offer a cordial smile or how to pronounce words like thank you and please.


From a security point of view (based on my personal criteria), GMRENCEN has a 9 out of 10.

Going back to how majestic this place looks, miles away, from north, south, east or west, first thing you will notice is the place where Detroit started over:


rencen 7


After a whole day spent in this miracle of modernistic architecture, I realized one important thing: You can spend a whole day without being worried about the outside world. Hungry? There’s a food quarter. Tired? There’s the second tallest hotel in the world with amazing views on each side. Need a Workout? There’s even a Gym. Enjoy shopping? No problem, they have plenty of shops. Need a job? Kidding? You could work for one of the most solid companies in the United States – GM.


There is a bank – a daycare center in the building – good coffee – music playing in the background…and why not, I want to keep writing: they have an impressive view over the Detroit River for Vitamin D lovers – a pharmacy, and if you put the right offer on the table, you could buy one of the cars they have in their exhibit. There are even trees growing indoors. That’s how huge this place is.


After my very first day in the heart of the place where people create ways to Find New Roads, all I can say is that I had a really great experience. GMRENCEN is definitely a place I would love to return to continue to find my inspiration.


My wife was right, I love it!


For years I have been watching or listening to TV, Radio or Web news. As we all already know, the news is divided into two main categories: Good or Bad News. Just to stay on this thin thread, and not get away from the title I would like to talk about the saddest parts (in my opinion) of a news bulletin: unhappy children.

It’s hard to understand what I want to say with the last words of my previous phrase, but let me introduce you to Rayland, aka Ray Ray!

The first time you see her face, the sparkles in her eyes melt straight away your heart and soul. She doesn’t think at all before she gives you a free hello waving her tiny hands from behind the broken screen of the kitchen window.

Her innocent and true smile radiates you. It has a special power actually. It’s like the sun and its D vitamin. Ray Ray’s smile gives you a positive energy that spreads all over your body straight away, destroying all the negative thoughts that consume us adults.

Just for that free hello, I wish I could be more than a stranger for her. I wish I could take her to my ice cream place and introduce her to her future favorite ice cream. I wish I could have the answer to her whys and show her the beauty of nature …

Looking at her and observing her daily activities, my sadness grows because I know that is not the way a little soul like her should be raised. That is not the life I used to have during her same age. My question is:

My parents introduced me to the life and responded to all my whys, why can’t she have the same? Who is the wrong side in her life?

“Tomorrow is not promised” – Will Smith in Collateral Beauty


Rayland is a 4 years old young lady with a huge desire of living a normal life like how every single child in this world should. But Rayland, all she hears all day long are her parents ordering her to not do childlike things. In 3 weeks I spent near her, she never left the house to go play with other children or just in the front of her house by herself. Sometimes she goes on a car ride to the grocery and back. She knows every single nasty word that her dad plays on his speakers. Living in a dirty house for her is a common thing. The only sweet thing her parents do for her is to play her favorite song: Somewhere over the rainbow. Her father’s pit bull puppies have more value in the house than Rayland. The saddest thing is that her dad told her more times Rayland God damn it than I love you.

Correct! This happens in the USA. That sad news about unhappy children is not the problems of certain remote areas in the world. Those problems are everywhere…

Tomorrow is not promised! Why become a parent if you don’t want to be a parent? Having the chance to love a little one is unique and priceless. It is a reward from the life, don’t waste it!

Rayland I wish you could have a better childhood! May the destiny bring you what a child should have from the life!

She has given her emancipation to a next generation

In the last years, the media and social platforms played, and still play, an important role in promoting the emancipation of women as an important characteristic of a perfect world. There is another way to do that though…and it’s a lot easier.

Just a few days ago while I was meditating, something captured my attention. I was able to stop over those memories from my teenage years, where I had the right age to understand certain things. I was not happy with how certain things weren’t balanced in my family. And who was guilty? Nobody, because the society was molding us to a wrong idea. Teachers and the media were influencing the population that it was absolutely normal that man was the one with the supreme powers in the family. And when I use supreme, I mean decisional powers.

Let me explain to you better what the previous paragraph is all about…


You millennial probably don’t know that a generation before your arrival into this world, almost each family used to operate thanks to a specific mechanism. I will try to explain this shameful mechanism using an organization chart: