Mandela would march among the women

Being a strong Philanthropist with a core principle (Equal Rights For All regardless of race, class, GENDER…), I always want to bring my contribution or (why not?) have the power to make a difference in this world (this world, “where the law is nothing but organized force used by the Ruling Class to shape the social order in a way favorable to itself”), which seems like a wheel of negative and positive historic facts always repeat themselves.

As all men of this planet, I’m the son of a mother who was always ready to take the food from her own mouth in order to feed me; I’m the brother of a sister who is always ready to jump into the fire to help her brother; I’m the man of a woman who puts my needs before her own. For that I will always stand by the women’s side to offer my service and support their never-ending fight against:

  • unequal salaries for women’s intellectual and hard working contributions
  • victims of the men’s unfair physical force against women
  • the stubbornness of religions banning the eligibility of women as religious leaders
  • ruling against women’s right to make decisions over their own bodies
  • the adamant belief that women have to be subordinate
  • and it goes on and on…

History shows how the tribalism of men (as the only source of power) results useful, recording  more negative than positive episodes in the history book of Humanity. I will always think (and the facts are so obvious but ignored) that the women have strong powers, and one that I like so much is the ability to make men lose sight of their bitterness and persuade them to feed their core’s pride with love and kindness.

On the 21st of January, I was there (in Washington DC) Marching among the women, trying to put a wrench in the wheel and writing a positive page in the book of history. That day the women said Stop to the Inferiority, Gender inequality, Abuse and…(I’ll leave this space for you to add the others). That day, my life inspirational mentor, the Great Nelson Mandela would march among the women.

That day (in a Utopian world) an intelligent and wise President – son, father, and husband of a woman – would come out on his White House balcony and would stand in front of almost 1.000.000 women, their allies and more from around the world, to say how true their cause is and how inspired he’ll be in the future in support of the Women’s equality through his strong International influence…


How many more years do we need to wait to see a fair world where the books will not be judged by its covers anymore?

How many more Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. do we need to make this world a better world, where the world’s main issues will be nothing more than a Broken Wheel we don’t want to replace?


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