The people rule

Before we start studying the universe, I think we should focus on something pretty important first:

1 .We decide our destiny and our voices has to be your next choices in the countries politics


2. The world consists still in a big number of slavery, women with no/impartial rights, children with no water and food access, people with a life expectancy of 35 years, religions too involved in the world’s destiny: and we want to bring the freedom


3. Nowadays, there’s still a big difference between the types of couples. We will learn to see the normality in these people because the human nature is how it is since the world was created. Is us we denied the truth and hid it.


4. The history books will be filled with the true past history and we will not publish other false stories about humanity and let the future generations be aware of them:

a. The world wants to be involved in a peaceful, equal and sunny process of giving value to our planet. Everybody wants to build a cycle of sustainable life where we don’t have to search/colonize other home planets.


5. The speed of the research will accelerate more and we will be proud of our innocent discoveries.


6. Giving a big value to what the planet gave us we will make try and find the way to replenish it, reuse it, and keep our planet shiny and smiley.


7. We want leaders with honest and strong principles: who rejects the GDP growth era and adopts the GNH( Gross National Happiness) as main goal in each country.


8. Water, food, and happiness to whom are not able to provide to themselves, and songs of trumpets of peace in conflict areas.


9. Everybody deserves to be able to raise their children in the air and see a clear and blue ski as a background.


This is the way towards the salvation of our world. We expect more from the world, and we know the humanity can!

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