Nkrumah Alin


Let’s stop time and bring back those who didn’t finish their mission on this dimension. There are many of them who we considered people with special tasks.

21 years ago…I was trying to convince the older guys that I was ready for my first condominium soccer match. I remember how a friend of mine, Nkrumah Alin, endorsed me. I remember how this half Romanian and half Ghanaian fellow supported my candidacy for the short defense role. Yes my black friend was standing up for me against all the team convincing them.

What makes a young man from Piatra Neamt, Romania be so great and why do I dedicate this article to him: Nkrumah Alin?

Alin was the grandchild of the man who, in 1957, brought the Independence to Ghana. Correct, after all these years, I realized I was playing soccer with Ghana’s first president’s grandchild.

That day he probably wasn’t aware of who he was or what his family sacrificed to give an identity to Ghana. He was indirectly doing what he was born to do:

Standing up for people’s rights

That’s why, every single time I go back to visit his Facebook profile, my heart cries because they called him Up There way too soon.

My friend Alin Nkrumah didn’t finish his mission on Earth and I recall him back…Or rather, I wish I could sacrifice some of my time on this world and give it to him.

Years before his premature death, after his political education degree, he found his way in this world and became involved in what almost all his family is involved in:

Working on a better life for Africa


Today my friend, I’m trying to stop my tears and write down the best words to let the world know the amazing person you used to be. Since that day, 21 years ago, you have a special place in my memories and you have the same place at the oval table of people who inspire my day-by-day actions.

I wish you could live your live and bring the huge contribution you were meant to bring to the world. For what you did for, me and for the world.

I wish you could have lived a full life and brought the huge contribution you were meant to bring to the world.

Thank you Alin Nkrumah!May your soul enjoy your new home and endorse this tough world against God!

Thank you Alin Nkrumah!

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