Letter to a friend


Dear friend,


As I sit here, far from the small Romanian city we grow up in together, I have you in my head and I cannot stop thinking of you. I tried many solutions to stop thinking. I even used the same tips from the past, when we were close friends. Nothing. I feel like I have to say something. I know that I have to write down some nice episodes from my memory I thought I had lost.


Sorry that I’m sharing our stories with my new friends. I hope you will understand.


Do you remember that summer of 1999 when we were climbing that wall close to where we lived?


I bet you do…


Well, the reason I was climbing that wall was because I was a little big man and I used to have all these personal challenges to overcome. The biggest challenge was to climb the wall that the older guys were climbing without problems. As a young man, I needed to show them that I was brave like them. I needed to prove to them I was ready to be part of their group.


The prize was huge and full of benefits:


  • I would be able to play soccer, basket ball and other fun games on their team
  • I could go with them to explore the dangerous woods



That day on that wall, my friend, you saved my life. I remember how I trusted too much in that slick rock and I almost fell. Your hand was there for me. Thanks!


Dear friend, I know you will probably read this article and I hope you will appreciate how deeply you live in my thoughts. I apologize for being different than you. I’m sorry I never told you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.


I remember that winter in the woods when we decided to take a different trail home. That bully’s right hook…I still can feel it stinging my cheek. I’m so glad you convinced me to run and leave the sled behind in order to be safe. Thanks! Again you showed me how much wiser you were.


Now that I’m thinking clearer about this episode, it returns so vividly in my head. I thought I had forgotten it, but seems I was wrong. I’m so happy you were there to keep me far from my teenage curiosities. Now a day when I’m talking with somebody about life, I’m really happy for the fact that I never struggled with the cigarettes or the alcohol.


This is thanks to you. Thank you!


I realize how unappreciative I was with you throughout my whole life.


I often ask myself: “what did I do in order to deserve a friend like you?”


My dear friend, today you are in my head and my thoughts. I know that I’ve changed a lot during my life and I forgot to call you or tell you that you were in my thoughts. I know that I barely realize you are there for me with every single step I take. I almost started to think that I was lucky in certain moments and not to thank to my Angel.


Today I want to tell you something:


I always have been lucky to have an amazing Angel as a friend.


Your forever friend,



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