Stop investigating the magic shows and live in the moment


The magic show – Magic on The Vine, presented and performed by Ben Whiting at the Chateau Grand Traverse on the Old Peninsula in Traverse City MI was the first I had attended in my life. It was something unique…

Television has always created billions of critiques, experts and investigators from all over the world, and I am one of them…

The difference between a live show and a recorded show is huge.

The filter, the screens created between the public and the artist, makes the show lose intensity and interest.

Being there, live, and as in my case (occupying the first row), creates a big impact on your mind and emotions. I don’t know if it is always that way but I can for sure say that the magician created a strong connection with us, the audience.

The moment I sat down on my chair, his charm and composure captured my attention. I involuntarily stopped being a critique and expert in solving mysteries of the magic tricks. I was a little boy and it was my first time I believed that magicians are really men with supernatural powers.

Before I continue with the story, I vividly suggest to all of you to go and see a live magic show! It is really worth it!

I left the house convinced I would probably partake in one of those boring nights that sometimes you find yourself involved in. The host made my day.


The show was organized in this amazing wine tasting shop. Chateau Grand Traverse

A glass of complementary wine and free appetizers…


Trick after trick, my emotions were hiking a sort of trail towards the peak of happiness.

An hour later, he took a full deck of cards. He counted 10 cards in front of us and gave them to a girl, asking her to place them under her seat. She counted them and did what the magician asked. Then he counted 10 more cards and he handled them to my companion. She counted them and she did what the first girl did. After that, he counted the remaining 32 cards and put them on a table…

The moment each girl reached under their seat…the first girl counting only 7 cards and my girl counting 13, I stood up and I applauded that man with all of myself. He earned my respect and he made me reach the peak of my hike. I whistled…

The important thing is that he showed us his empty hands before handling those cards. He opened a brand new deck of cards.

I don’t want to know how he did that… It was pure magic!

Thank you Mr. Ben Whiting for taking me, bringing me back into teenage feelings, and entertaining one of my best Saturday nights out!

We all need those kinds of times where we can go back in time and experience various episodes of our lives that brought us here. He did that and I cannot wish him anything but Good Luck!


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