“People working together can do great things.” – Tanzanian proverb

I’ve never had the chance to go through a tough winter, like the one that just passed, in my whole life.

I remember how strange I used to be in my young life. I even used to pray for heavy snows and tough weather. All I wanted from life was to have white winters.

Of course, I was never happy with the amount of snow my little town back in Romania used to have…

Well, this past winter, I was finally able to say that I had an almost full white winter. All my prayers from my early life brought me what I desired (a little bit late but it was definitely worth it).

How we all might think, most likely, everything happens for a reason.

The park we usually use for Disc Golf is actually a ski course during the winter season. After 3 long months without playing Disc Golf, we decided that sunny wintry Saturday was the day we wanted to go play.

In order to have a good experience, you should never step outside the car without at least 2 discs each, an amazing apple cider, sunflower seeds…

After the 4th basket, the bad luck wanted us to reach the ski slopes. That was absolutely fatal for our day out. We couldn’t finish our disc golf that day.

But hey!

“Respect little things.” – Tanzanian proverb

So we did. We didn’t need too much time to realize that we had the gold in our hands. In fact, we stepped out of the ski course and we changed our day. All you could see were these two mature children playing in the snow with their expensive Disc Golf discs. We transformed the discs into sleds, passing from disc golfing to snow sliding. It was amazingly fun and the wet clothes were not a big deal.

Course after course…

Laugh after laugh…

I was thrown back into my early life and I was happy to use a random object to enjoy going down the snowy hills.

Sometimes it feels amazing to open the box of memories and take some youthful skills for the present. It makes you start to feel different and brings you only smiles and good feelings.

Anyway, that wasn’t the juice of the story…

While enjoying the dangerous hills and walking along the ski trails, we stopped near a large fallen tree as a place to rest. Under this huge tree, there was a hidden box. It looked like a small waterproof container containing a logbook and a pen. I found for the first time in my life: a Geocatching box.

Geocatching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a global positioning system (the famous GPS) receiver or mobile devices and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches” at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.

It was such a great find and I remember being so impressed how many things the world can create during our lives, and we don’t have the time or the chance to learn about them. Or sometimes we are just not in the right spot in the right moment. Or maybe because everything happens for a reason…

Opening that box we found a pen, a logbook and some weed. Weird but true, I know. A small ball of weed was waiting for the next Geocatcher. We added some sunflower seeds, we wrote down the date we found it with a little note and…put the closed container back in its place.


I want to leave the doubt. Those who know me well, knows if that day I took the weed or not.

You could write a comment below with your opinion. I would love to know and I’m curious what your opinion is. Thank you in advance for leaving a comment!

Now that I know about Geocatching, I will open my eyes and focus more on possible Geocatching spots. I’m curious what the people will share with me next time.

By the way, the unfeasibility of not being able to play disc golf that day taught me two things:

The first: no matter what, find a way to have fun, because you need it. And the second: let your life sometimes guide you towards the unknown…maybe you can have some good surprises.

Life’s good and I’m always amazed how lucky I am sometimes.

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