Le tour du monde through phone technology

All the times you find yourself somewhere different than your country, whether you’re travelling or just for work, you become fascinated by a local or foreign song. And this is thanks to the Synesthesia. More indicative of an effective presence of synesthesia, it is the case in which you perceive a stimulus (such as sound), which causes a net reaction to another sense (for example, sight).

That song becomes probably the song of your whole time and experience in that place. It happens very often that we associate amazing moments to certain songs.

I don’t even remember how many times I listened to songs that reminded me of amazing moments that I spent somewhere with a friend or my family.

As I’m writing down all these thoughts, I can say that I’m lucky to go through my music playlist and relive certain moments through the lyrics and melody of a song…

A few years ago, I experienced something new and exciting. I was single, sitting in a coffee shop back in Italy. I was reading a newspaper in this place with an amazing view outside: The beautiful Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I know, I know, I have no reason to talk about the beauties of Italy, because the article is about music and technology.


Well, while I was reading this annoying newspaper, (full of bad news about Italy’s economy) my attention was captured by this pretty lady and the weird way she was using her phone. She seemed to be looking for signal. I looked at my phone, but the phone had full signal. Then I thought maybe she was trying to take pictures, but the camera wasn’t on. I was so curious…

Not by the woman, but by what was she doing there with her smartphone…

I decided to walk over and ask about her strange behavior. She showed me how I was not up to speed with technology. She was using this amazing mobile app. She was able to identify a song with a click of a finger. All you need to do, is to bring the phone’s microphone close to the sound source. The app will then listen to the lyrics and the melody. Based on their database, the server can identify the song that is winning your ears in that moment.

photo: internet

Shazam changed my life from that moment on. I didn’t drink a coffee with that pretty lady and I didn’t even have the courage to invite her out for dinner, but I discovered something new: Shazam.

Since that day, I frequently use that technology and I can say that I had a great surprise the day I found its coolest feature.

What did I discover?

I found out that you can explore the world map and use your finger to reach a certain place on the globe. In that moment, you are able to see and then listen to the song that is the Top most popular music in that country or region.

photo: internet

Not cool?

You can actually see what is the most popular song in Venezuela, Russia, or even Syria.

Another surprise was when I listened to a song that I identified during my last vacation in Mexico. The feature of Shazam is that it allows you to listen to that song on Youtube…and be transferred with memories and imagination to a place where you listened to that song for the first time.

This is one of the few technological inventions that makes a huge difference in our lives and brings happiness.

Thank you Shazam!

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