Rotary Club, 75 years of service to the world

Since the beginning of my teenage years I started to be strongly sensitive to amazing accomplishments the people can achieve if they are armed by kindness and altruism.

The huge benefit, as a citizen of a small town like Traverse City (TC) Michigan, is that the news travels faster and it reaches your ears on time, giving you enough time to plan your schedule.

The month of April in TC is well known where the locals come together to celebrate the anniversary of the local Rotary Club.

Hmmmm, what if I’ve never heard about the Rotary Club before…

Let’s go and sneak on the Internet to find an accurate definition of Rotary…

Rotary Club is a local club of business and professional men that is a member of a world-wide organization of similar clubs (Rotary International) devoted to serving the community and promoting world peace.


Many times our personal “starvation” for knowledge pushes us to cross the line of doubt and walk forward step by step towards the things unknown.

What made me renounce an alternative Saturday night out to go to The 75th Anniversary Rotary Show that performed at the State Theatre on Sunday the 29th of April 2017?

The fact that they decided to do what they do best: Raising funds for good causes. Their cause was well explained on their Facebook Page: “…with all proceeds going to local nonprofits for things like building ballparks and providing health care for the underserved.“


I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are involved in humanitarian causes and promoting the peace. As a new person going to the show, I was happy and well entertained thanks to their amazing singers, performers, and the great endorsement of their pit orchestra.

How did Rotary Club obtain an important place in my personal list of amazing things that I appreciate?

Deeply convinced I like and appreciate those places where all genders are on the same page with the same importance and same weight of words. And Rotary Club of Traverse City is one of those examples that I will happily use as reference in future conversations.

For a very interesting closure I “selfishly” kept the most important fact for last.



Rotary Club of Traverse City, as part of the Rotary International, strongly supports a huge cause. We are talking about a world–wide cause that saves many lives:



Thanks for the amazing night, Rotary Club of Traverse City, and thanks for being partners of Rotary International in “fighting” for a healthy and peaceful world!

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