An unexpected meeting with Abraham Lincoln

 “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend 6 of those hours sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln

Something incredible that I never thought would have been possible, just happened in my life…

Destiny brought me in the heart of a great family in Indianapolis (Indiana), to celebrate the American Thanksgiving Day.

Should I use the famous phrase that I like a lot?

Yeah, why not?

Because everything happens for a reason…

4 hours away from that town, exactly in Hodgenville, Kentucky, lives my good friend Jessica and her amazing parents. The destiny wanted her to take us for a tour of the Western Kentucky University’s campus, which is also the university where Jessica finished her studies.

And what is so incredible with that, and why should you be happy for me?


Hodgenville, Kentucky is well known for its amazing college football team, Hilltopper. Just kidding (I’m not kidding because it is not a good football team)(I’m kidding because I do not want to talk about college football teams), I will not talk about football.

This town that I just mentioned a phrase ago, is the hometown of one of the greatest men that had a huge influence in my life. In Hodgenville was born a head of the Whig Party, Abraham Lincoln.

Just for making this article look longer, I think you might eventually want to read a proper definition of Whiggism or Whigism.

Would that be something you might want to know?

So, Whiggism or Whigism is when…

Wait, let’s be professionals and write down a proper definition with the help of Wikipedia.

Whiggism, in North America sometimes spelled Whigism, is a historical political philosophy that grew out of theParliamentarian faction in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1639–1651). The Whigs’ key policy positions were the supremacy of Parliament (as opposed to that of the king), tolerance of Protestant dissenters, and opposition to a “Papist” (Roman Catholic) on the throne, especially James II or one of his descendants. After the huge success (from the Whig point of view) of the Glorious Revolution of 1688–1689, Whiggism dominated English and British politics until about 1760, although in practice it splintered into different factions.

 I hope you already figured out that they’re talking about the British Imperium…

After 1760 the Whigs lost power, apart from sharing it in some short-lived coalition governments, but Whiggism fashioned itself into a generalized belief system that emphasized innovation and liberty and was strongly held by about half of the leading families in England and Scotland, as well as most merchants, Dissenters, and the middle classes. The other great families, the Church of England, held the opposing Tory position most of the landed gentry, and officers of the army and the navy.

 Here’s how Whig Party started to become something useful to the American Patriots…

 Whiggism originally referred to the Whigs of the British Isles, but the American Patriots in the Thirteen Colonies largely adopted the name of “Old Whigs”. Following independence, American Whiggism became known as republicanism. The term “Old Whigs” was also used in Britain for those Whigs who opposed Robert Walpole as part of the Country Party.

One meaning of ‘Whiggism’ given by the Oxford English Dictionary is “moderate or antiquated  “Liberalism”.

Thank you Wikipedia!

After a tour of the University of Kentucky’s campus I found an interesting statue. On a bench, the old Lincoln was sitting and watching me (actually he looks towards the direction that the artist decided when he created the sculpture). He holds 2 books on his legs. I sat down on the bench close to him and I decided it was the right moment for a picture with the man that I’d read a lot about during my life.

Over our heads a huge and dark cloud vortex was spinning fast and this huge sand gave a hard time to my fiancée and to my friend Romeo to take pictures.

I close my eyes as a natural form of defense. After I wiped my eyes from the sand, Sarah and Romeo were gone. A hand poked my shoulder, scaring me.

Hello Alexandru!”

“How are You Sir?”

I turned my head to the right and I saw him, Abraham Lincoln in the flesh. In my head I had an image of myself sitting in front of a mirror saying a typical Irish expression:

“ sake, I’m dead!”

He shook my shoulder and he said:

No, you are not dead”

“But yes, we are talking for real.”

I tried to stand up and run but he pushed my body back on the bench and said:

 “Really man, don’t be scared!”

I convinced myself that there’s no reason to try to escape. After observing the way he was dressed I said:

 “Well, I’m…”

I didn’t even have time to finish my phrase…He stopped me and talked over:

“I need you to listen to me please!”

“I was looking for somebody who can just listen without talking.”

“And trust me, there’s a lot that we should talk about.”

I knew then that I couldn’t open my mouth, and I said yes with my head. I accepted to just listen.

“I don’t know where to start from…”

“It’s though my friend…”

“The future world I imagined doesn’t looks like it goes in the right direction.”

“And honestly it looks so disappointing and full of issues.”

“But you know what?”

I opened my eyes wider because I was curious with what he was about to say.

“Let’s not talk about the world and it’s issues.”

“Today I don’t have too much time…”

“…and before I let you go I want to say something to you though…”

“I’m happy to meet you today.”

“You look like a good man with an honest soul and a bright future.”

“Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t forget to be always yourself!”

“Thanks for what you will become and the huge difference you will make!”

“Good to meet you, good man!”

After those words the curiosity was craving to find out more about what he’d just said. But he was back into solid and the sun had broken the clouds.

Sarah and Romeo were still taking pictures…

…and I was still thinking of what just happened.

4 months later I ate at a Chinese Restaurant and I had a fortune cookie, which said:

…you will achieve great things


Does everything happen for a reason?

P.S. I know that the part with the dark clouds and the metal sculpture where Abraham Lincoln talks to me sounds a little bit like fiction…

You should always follow your head and be able to decide to think the way you want. If it helps, please consider a second hypothetical version: Me reading a piece of university’s newspaper where Abraham Lincoln talks to the readers.

Anyway thanks for reading my article till the end!

You will never become a writer if I don’t have readers. For that I want to thank you for letting me be your writer!

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