Airbnb Tales: The tower house in the jungle

One of the most important pieces of advice I feel you have to adopt while in Mexico, is to rent a car. Mexico, despite what people say or magazines narrate, should be known for much more than only Cancun. Cancun is a pretty place where you can find all kinds of fun, for every single need, but in my personal opinion you should be more curious and go explore the surrounding areas; you might be impressed.

Mexico is really a place where the biggest worry is how to manage your time in order to visit the many places you planned before leaving your home country.

The idea of not having to deal with a guide who’s waiting for you or with a group of people on a tour bus with different needs, means a lot.


Because the idea of a trip is that you want to escape from everyday habits and lead yourself into adventures the way you want with the rhythms you prefer.

Renting a car while in Mexico was the best idea ever. The contingent advice I have for you if you choose to rent a car with a company like America Car Rental is to make sure they will give you the flashy new car you picked from their website. You might find yourself driving a messy old Toyota Corolla full of problems. Once you decide on a car, you should give a look and draw on the rental form every single mark (this way your $400 for the security deposit will return in your bank account once you return the vehicle).

Once we got the car we’d expected, we started our drive due west for 1 hour and stopped what felt like in the middle of nowhere. Actually, and if I have to be honest with you, I should say that Airbnb kinda’ decided for us. After a quick search on the app we found this amazing and secluded place, Mayan village, Yucatan, Mexico .


In the middle of the jungle, there is a house with a 5-story tower. On the top of that tower you can find a handmade terrace with this pretty and original mosaic made of local materials. That was our favorite place where to watch the stars and listen to the wild silence we had been searching for before leaving our home countries.


The owner, Alan, is a retired U.S. teacher who found the peace in that place, teaching English as a second language to the locals, far from the craziness of big cities.


Waking up with the “noises” of the tropical birds was the most surprisingly and unconventional alarm I had ever had. And I didn’t hate it…


For only 36 bucks I had the comfort of a high standards hotel, but I earned something more. I regenerated all my batteries and prepared myself for a new year in the chaotic city I was currently living in.


Thanks Alan for sharing your house with us and allowing us to have a great time!


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