How to buy an authentic Italian wine?



Here’s one of the many subjects I was lucky to pay attention to during the now distant years of Tourism classes back in Italy: DOC & DOCG products

I have developed a significant interest in wines. Before I buy them, I always prefer to pick an authentic one.

During my school years, I was lucky to have really prepared teachers and learn interesting stuff that I like to recall in my adult life. I remember that one day we talked about the collateral issues the Globalization brought in the last 2 decades. One of these issues was actually an important one because it explains the importance of how to protect a brand and avoid those sad episodes of fake distributions.

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Nowadays there are multiple countries that are mass producers of wine with global distributions…

I won’t spend time writing the history of wine because I would need much more of your attention, and your time is definitely short and valuable.

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Going back to the idea of those countries that have a huge contribution in their Gross Domestic Product thanks to the production of wine, I would like to talk about Italy. The Globalization in the beginning gave a huge hand to the wine producers opening the gates to other markets, overseas, and gaining lots of notoriety among international producers.

Globalization provided a great hand, but it also has its side effect. This side effect is more like a small dot, but with a huge power. It can destroy the image of a company and make it implode, sending it into bankruptcy.

In the last 2 decades, Italy fought against companies who falsified and sold fake wines using well-known brands without paying any royalties or using original grapes. The process of identifying and enforcing punishments of the fake companies was long and expensive. Through this process, Italy found a good way to avoid these episodes.


In 1963, an attorney Rolando Ricci invented the DOC term (*Denominazione di Origine Controllata) and thanks to his role in the Italian government, he helped build the proper law that endorses it. Nowadays almost all the wine producers in 20 regions of Italy use the DOC label which helps you to identify an original product to be sure you’re paying for the real one. Meanwhile they built the label DOCG (**Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) which certifies that the wine comes from the original production area and not from somewhere else.

example of DOCG etiquette

There is only a way to make sure the wine you bought is an authentic Italian one. How? The cork’s cover has the label DOC or DOCG on. That’s how every single Italian wine leaves their authentic wine factories.

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