The speech of a non-winner

Have you ever asked yourselves this simple question?

 What happens to the non-winners’ speech?

 I’m personally craving an answer, and because I believe in the power of the words, I realize that maybe those unspoken statements could’ve made a huge difference in certain situations.

Not a long time ago, I had the opportunity to sit among the nominees of the 2017 Eclipse Awards in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I took a quick look at the auditorium and then I realized something interesting: I wasn’t one of those who probably had to talk in front of the audience.

– I have no intentions to get away from the main subject, but I want to share something with you –

“One of the biggest fears each person will ever face is to talk in public”.

 The night had become suddenly entertaining, filled by the sunny faces of the winners. I felt their same emotions and at some point I forgot who I was. I put myself so deeply in the shoes of a movie director until the point when I started to sweat and be stressed out over the idea of speaking in front of everybody.

When the speaker announced “my” category I was excited. Not winning was so disappointing (knowing how highly competitive I am). It was in that moment when I stopped impersonating that man.

I looked at him for the last time and observed something that most people may have never observed before:

After the announcement of a different winner, that guy crumbled his hand-written speech. Then I looked at the woman who was sitting two tables away. She ripped hers into small pieces. The tables were now covered with these discarded pieces of paper. In my head, I tried to imagine the amount of time all those people invested into finding the perfect words for their speeches and express themselves the best. I tried though to find an answer to my questions:

What if the speech you just ripped could’ve changed the world somehow? Could a small chain of words make a huge difference in somebody’s life?

I don’t have an answer to those questions, but I do know something at least:

“He’ll always be thankful to his wife/ family/ team for the support they gave him on realizing a project like that”. – Sarah E. Elliott

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