Saint Romedius, the bears’ protector

Far from the most popular Italian destinations, in the North close to the Austrian border, there is a magical place you should probably consider visiting while on vacation.

To be clear, I’m talking about Trentino (Italian northern region) and its pretty Val di Non.

For sure I want you to remember once in Italy, that in Val di Non, there is a path hollowed out in the rock (of course with an amazing panoramic view). This trail starts from Sanzeno, Val di Non and ends at San Romedius’ hermitage. This trail was carved and skirts the canyon of San Romedio. Before you begin, you probably should make sure you are brave enough…

santuario-di-san-romedio 1
The trail

Once you reach the sanctuary, you will be impressed.


“Oh Signore

Fa’ che questa candela

Che io qui accendo,

Per l’intercessione di San Romedio,

Sia la luce

Con cui Tu mi illumini

Nelle difficolta che mi assillano

E nelle decisioni che prendero.”




Make sure that this candle

I light up,

For intercession of San Romedio,

Be the light

You use to light over me

And the difficulties I will have to affront

And the tough decisions I will have to make



San Romedius’ Sanctuary is also well known for being one of the meditation (hyperlink to the post about meditation) destinations around the globe. It is a sanctuary dedicated to Saint Romedius, situated on a steep rock spur in the natural scenery of the Val di Non. It borders the Comuni of Sanzeno and Coredo, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy.




The Sanctuary consists of churches (chapels) built over a period of some 900 years between 1000 and 1918. The five chapels are built into a steep wall of rock and are connected by a spectacular flight of 130 steps. Two Franciscans friars attend this site as custodians.

A first question might be:

Who is this San Romedio and why is he known as the Bears’ protector?

Saint Romedius

Romedius lived in the 4th and 5th centuries. He was the son of the count of Thaur, the Lord of a castle near Innsbruck and owner of saltpans in the valley the river Inn. After a pilgrimage to Rome, he gave all his possessions to the church, withdrawing into a hermitage in the Val di Non in some grottoes, which still exist near the sanctuary.


romedios san.jpg

 The legend is that one-day Romedius, wishing to go to Trento to greet Vigilius, then bishop of the city, asked one of his disciples, David to saddle the horse. The disciple returned with the news that a bear had savaged the horse, whereupon Romedius ordered him to saddle the bear, which not only allowed this to be done but also let Romedio ride it all the way to Trento. It later lived with him a the hermitage…” – Wikipedia

The Sanctuary

The amazing thing is that once you step inside the Sanctuary, the complete silence of that place will embrace you and will give you a sensation of peace. You will automatically forget all the issues you are struggling with. You will feel safe again. Every single step you will climb towards the top, will be like a walk towards the turn-up. Once you reach the top you will feel free.

I felt regenerated after that day trip to the sanctuary. The most important thing is that I carry that place and that experience in my heart.


That place is one of those internal bricks that form our mental health.

I highly suggest you to stop by and live it!









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