She has given her emancipation to a next generation

In the last years, the media and social platforms played, and still play, an important role in promoting the emancipation of women as an important characteristic of a perfect world. There is another way to do that though…and it’s a lot easier.

Just a few days ago while I was meditating, something captured my attention. I was able to stop over those memories from my teenage years, where I had the right age to understand certain things. I was not happy with how certain things weren’t balanced in my family. And who was guilty? Nobody, because the society was molding us to a wrong idea. Teachers and the media were influencing the population that it was absolutely normal that man was the one with the supreme powers in the family. And when I use supreme, I mean decisional powers.

Let me explain to you better what the previous paragraph is all about…


You millennial probably don’t know that a generation before your arrival into this world, almost each family used to operate thanks to a specific mechanism. I will try to explain this shameful mechanism using an organization chart: