One day in the heart of General Motors

“Oh babe, you will love it!”

This was the phrase my wife used to convince me to spend a day in the heart of General Motors’ headquarters, “l’imponente” GMRENCEN – Since Italy is well known for majestic architectural masterpieces with thousands of years of history, I decided to use an Italian word to properly describe one of the top 10 Detroit Architectural Masterpieces’ The Renaissance Center.


To be honest it didn’t take too much to like it! Two things I noticed straight away once I put my foot in the building, was hope and safety.

I thought about the word hope because somebody, far from us, from behind a desk welcomed us with a simple and short “Good morning!” That simple GOOD MORNING can change somebody’s day. A simple word may be worth more than gold especially when you’re in a vulnerable moment of your life.

…And safety. Sadly Detroit is very sensitive when we talk about Safety. One big thing when you inform friends and family that you’re about to move to Detroit – they will tell you about the dangers of the Motor City. One thing that I will always say is: “The wiser you are, the safer you are.“ Once in the GMRENCEN, all my worries and concerns about public safety vanished. I spent my whole day without worries. I even left my computer bag on the coffee shop chair while in the restroom.


Once the day was over, I realized that the two things I noticed first thing in the morning were not just a temporary appearance; officers are in each corner of the building, dog squads, you name it; and people know how to offer a cordial smile or how to pronounce words like thank you and please.


From a security point of view (based on my personal criteria), GMRENCEN has a 9 out of 10.

Going back to how majestic this place looks, miles away, from north, south, east or west, first thing you will notice is the place where Detroit started over:


rencen 7


After a whole day spent in this miracle of modernistic architecture, I realized one important thing: You can spend a whole day without being worried about the outside world. Hungry? There’s a food quarter. Tired? There’s the second tallest hotel in the world with amazing views on each side. Need a Workout? There’s even a Gym. Enjoy shopping? No problem, they have plenty of shops. Need a job? Kidding? You could work for one of the most solid companies in the United States – GM.


There is a bank – a daycare center in the building – good coffee – music playing in the background…and why not, I want to keep writing: they have an impressive view over the Detroit River for Vitamin D lovers – a pharmacy, and if you put the right offer on the table, you could buy one of the cars they have in their exhibit. There are even trees growing indoors. That’s how huge this place is.


After my very first day in the heart of the place where people create ways to Find New Roads, all I can say is that I had a really great experience. GMRENCEN is definitely a place I would love to return to continue to find my inspiration.


My wife was right, I love it!

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