North Brooklyn Farms

It’s quite fascinating how social networking has evolved from a simple occasional fun thing to do, to an almost pure addiction in some cases.

And it’s also quite interesting how social networking has highlighted places that have been left out of travel books.

Well, I didn’t mean to start this life experience by spreading negative energies to my optimistic readers; let’s leave that to the haters. This New York experience I’m going to share has a lot of cool details you’ll find out about only if you stick with me for a few more thoughts.


All I care about in my articles is to express my positive thoughts and make you feel regenerated every single time you click on my links and read my work.


That being said…


North Brooklyn Farms



Instagram charmed me back in 2015; I didn’t even know how it worked at the time. So I started following random profiles, from celebrities, to friends, to places I thought were cool to keep an eye on.

It was the end of the summer when I first came across North Brooklyn Farms’ Instagram profile. I thought their incredible story, a dozen feet from the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, was something really unique. The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that they weren’t something you would find in a Rick Steves’ travel book.


North Brooklyn Farms’ story started years ago on an undeveloped/scrapyard piece of land along the East river. I remember that time-lapse video of a handful of people cleaning the whole area with their bare hands during their free time. I was so impressed how they took a forgotten area and made a miracle: they transformed it in the most beautiful community garden; I literally witnessed a miracle documented via social network…




When I finally had the chance to go visit New York City, a stop at North Brooklyn Farms was on top of my bucket list. I had the pleasure to meet Henry, one of the founders of the community garden, who was happily working away in the weeds on a sunny afternoon.  As Henry shared with me all about how it started, it made me appreciate their project even deeper. After talking to this incredible human being, I realized how it’s not only the place that makes a difference, it’s also the people and the atmosphere they create; and for that you need people like Henry that they never stop motivating you to write about their success stories. All I can say to this guy and his friends is CHAPPEAU!



In September 2018, almost 3 years after I started to follow North Brooklyn Farms on Instagram, many things have changed…

I should be able to summarize the updates they’ve gone through since 2015 in less than 85 words:

A group of developers bought the entire area and decided to build more apartment units, retail spaces, etc, etc, etc…

I know with strong certainty that NBF’s future may be a disappointment if the architectural plan will be followed 100% by the engineers, because based on the big vision poster on the construction fences around the area, the community garden is not included in it…


I know we live in a world where money is a big tool for molding the future but I really hope that people like Henry will continue to find the right ways to succeed and keep that place alive; either in the same location or elsewhere.


“On the road of life, it is not where you go, but who you’re with that makes the difference.”

Good luck good people!

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