The people rule

Before we start studying the universe, I think we should focus on something pretty important first:

1 .We decide our destiny and our voices has to be your next choices in the countries politics


2. The world consists still in a big number of slavery, women with no/impartial rights, children with no water and food access, people with a life expectancy of 35 years, religions too involved in the world’s destiny: and we want to bring the freedom


3. Nowadays, there’s still a big difference between the types of couples. We will learn to see the normality in these people because the human nature is how it is since the world was created. Is us we denied the truth and hid it.


4. The history books will be filled with the true past history and we will not publish other false stories about humanity and let the future generations be aware of them:

a. The world wants to be involved in a peaceful, equal and sunny process of giving value to our planet. Everybody wants to build a cycle of sustainable life where we don’t have to search/colonize other home planets.


5. The speed of the research will accelerate more and we will be proud of our innocent discoveries.


6. Giving a big value to what the planet gave us we will make try and find the way to replenish it, reuse it, and keep our planet shiny and smiley.


7. We want leaders with honest and strong principles: who rejects the GDP growth era and adopts the GNH( Gross National Happiness) as main goal in each country.


8. Water, food, and happiness to whom are not able to provide to themselves, and songs of trumpets of peace in conflict areas.


9. Everybody deserves to be able to raise their children in the air and see a clear and blue ski as a background.


This is the way towards the salvation of our world. We expect more from the world, and we know the humanity can!

Mandela would march among the women

Being a strong Philanthropist with a core principle (Equal Rights For All regardless of race, class, GENDER…), I always want to bring my contribution or (why not?) have the power to make a difference in this world (this world, “where the law is nothing but organized force used by the Ruling Class to shape the social order in a way favorable to itself”), which seems like a wheel of negative and positive historic facts always repeat themselves.

As all men of this planet, I’m the son of a mother who was always ready to take the food from her own mouth in order to feed me; I’m the brother of a sister who is always ready to jump into the fire to help her brother; I’m the man of a woman who puts my needs before her own. For that I will always stand by the women’s side to offer my service and support their never-ending fight against:

  • unequal salaries for women’s intellectual and hard working contributions
  • victims of the men’s unfair physical force against women
  • the stubbornness of religions banning the eligibility of women as religious leaders
  • ruling against women’s right to make decisions over their own bodies
  • the adamant belief that women have to be subordinate
  • and it goes on and on…

History shows how the tribalism of men (as the only source of power) results useful, recording  more negative than positive episodes in the history book of Humanity. I will always think (and the facts are so obvious but ignored) that the women have strong powers, and one that I like so much is the ability to make men lose sight of their bitterness and persuade them to feed their core’s pride with love and kindness.

On the 21st of January, I was there (in Washington DC) Marching among the women, trying to put a wrench in the wheel and writing a positive page in the book of history. That day the women said Stop to the Inferiority, Gender inequality, Abuse and…(I’ll leave this space for you to add the others). That day, my life inspirational mentor, the Great Nelson Mandela would march among the women.

That day (in a Utopian world) an intelligent and wise President – son, father, and husband of a woman – would come out on his White House balcony and would stand in front of almost 1.000.000 women, their allies and more from around the world, to say how true their cause is and how inspired he’ll be in the future in support of the Women’s equality through his strong International influence…


How many more years do we need to wait to see a fair world where the books will not be judged by its covers anymore?

How many more Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. do we need to make this world a better world, where the world’s main issues will be nothing more than a Broken Wheel we don’t want to replace?


The tough transition from City Opera Hall to City Opera House

Thinking of what amazing things I have been lucky to be part of during my permanence in The States, I would like to be the voice and eyes of my fellow American friends, and share with them what I was involved in on Saturday the 4th of February 2017. The City Opera House in Traverse City, Michigan, was celebrating 125 years with a concert featuring amazing performances thanks to the collaboration of local musicians (among them, a Grammy award winning pianist Bob James, and two violists of TC Symphony Orchestra), writers (young talent of Front Street Writers Project), and actors (representing the Old Town Playhouse).

Well, the reason I used the word tough in my title is because I personally believe the history behind this amazing building is something every single person who steps into this town should know about (including Traverse City residents and nearby neighbors).

Last Saturday, the City Opera House turned 125 years old and honestly it has a lot to say about all those years full of ups and downs. Let’s start with some curious facts about the City Opera House during its notorious and ill-famed years:

  • April 1891 Traverse City starts the construction of one of now only seven historic Victorian structures in Michigan
  • The construction is completed within 9 months
  • The City Opera Hall in short time becomes the first business in town
  • The final brick of the building is laid one day before Christmas Day 1891
  • For the informal opening, almost 600 seats were occupied and the ticket price was only $1.00 which included a complimentary oyster.
  • The first decade within its walls were filled with culture, music and plays.

Sadly, the Mid-century revolution of cinematography brought with it the wave of huge troubles. The majority of people were captured by the magic of the Big Screens, putting  businesses like the Opera Hall in financial problems. In fact, in the late 1940’s, years of bad times for the United States, the Opera Hall closed its doors for the first (and hopefully last) time, abandoning the building to the worst destiny: Oblivion

On Saturday, there was a point right before Bob James’s performance when my body became full of goosebumps. It was when the MC of the night, narrated how Kenneth and Mary Zacks in 1979 got involved and created the Heritage Committee for the restoration of the today City Opera House. I was proud of two good souls I personally had never met. I was happy for the City Opera House’s happy ending.

If you want the historic City Opera House to continue being a prideful part of the community, consider becoming involved (not necessarily donating money) but by just experiencing an alternative way of entertainment. You would probably be pleasantly surprised how many wonderful memories you would create.

The tasty pulp (I love) about the amazing story of the City Opera House?

It survived 3 fires in different years: 1906, 1975, 1987 – What I read between the lines?


Traverse City should be proud of the City Opera House.