For years I have been watching or listening to TV, Radio or Web news. As we all already know, the news is divided into two main categories: Good or Bad News. Just to stay on this thin thread, and not get away from the title I would like to talk about the saddest parts (in my opinion) of a news bulletin: unhappy children.

It’s hard to understand what I want to say with the last words of my previous phrase, but let me introduce you to Rayland, aka Ray Ray!

The first time you see her face, the sparkles in her eyes melt straight away your heart and soul. She doesn’t think at all before she gives you a free hello waving her tiny hands from behind the broken screen of the kitchen window.

Her innocent and true smile radiates you. It has a special power actually. It’s like the sun and its D vitamin. Ray Ray’s smile gives you a positive energy that spreads all over your body straight away, destroying all the negative thoughts that consume us adults.

Just for that free hello, I wish I could be more than a stranger for her. I wish I could take her to my ice cream place and introduce her to her future favorite ice cream. I wish I could have the answer to her whys and show her the beauty of nature …

Looking at her and observing her daily activities, my sadness grows because I know that is not the way a little soul like her should be raised. That is not the life I used to have during her same age. My question is:

My parents introduced me to the life and responded to all my whys, why can’t she have the same? Who is the wrong side in her life?

“Tomorrow is not promised” – Will Smith in Collateral Beauty


Rayland is a 4 years old young lady with a huge desire of living a normal life like how every single child in this world should. But Rayland, all she hears all day long are her parents ordering her to not do childlike things. In 3 weeks I spent near her, she never left the house to go play with other children or just in the front of her house by herself. Sometimes she goes on a car ride to the grocery and back. She knows every single nasty word that her dad plays on his speakers. Living in a dirty house for her is a common thing. The only sweet thing her parents do for her is to play her favorite song: Somewhere over the rainbow. Her father’s pit bull puppies have more value in the house than Rayland. The saddest thing is that her dad told her more times Rayland God damn it than I love you.

Correct! This happens in the USA. That sad news about unhappy children is not the problems of certain remote areas in the world. Those problems are everywhere…

Tomorrow is not promised! Why become a parent if you don’t want to be a parent? Having the chance to love a little one is unique and priceless. It is a reward from the life, don’t waste it!

Rayland I wish you could have a better childhood! May the destiny bring you what a child should have from the life!

She has given her emancipation to a next generation

In the last years, the media and social platforms played, and still play, an important role in promoting the emancipation of women as an important characteristic of a perfect world. There is another way to do that though…and it’s a lot easier.

Just a few days ago while I was meditating, something captured my attention. I was able to stop over those memories from my teenage years, where I had the right age to understand certain things. I was not happy with how certain things weren’t balanced in my family. And who was guilty? Nobody, because the society was molding us to a wrong idea. Teachers and the media were influencing the population that it was absolutely normal that man was the one with the supreme powers in the family. And when I use supreme, I mean decisional powers.

Let me explain to you better what the previous paragraph is all about…


You millennial probably don’t know that a generation before your arrival into this world, almost each family used to operate thanks to a specific mechanism. I will try to explain this shameful mechanism using an organization chart: